codigos archero equipo y monedas

Archero codes active today

For the survival RPG Archero, its creator Habby launches offers to improve the player’s experience every day. Among them are the archero codes, but what are they? What are they for as a player?

Codes archero equipment and coins

An Archero code is a keyword that can be entered into the game to obtain rewards. Of course the above only possible on certain occasions and for a limited time. This and what can be obtained through them, is the reason why such codes are so coveted.

Sadly nowadays there is no active code, the last one was launched on October 15 limiting its use to only half a million users.

However, if you are a regular player of this RPG then you need to be aware of the game’s social networks. In them the codes are announced as soon as they come out:

List of Expired Archero Codes

So that you do not be fooled by any type of misinformation, here is the list of codes that can no longer be used in the game. In addition, also what were its benefits, so you will see that it is a good idea to be aware:

  • archerogift: Gems X100, Random Shards x5, Random Scrolls x30, Coins x5000.
  • lovearchero: Sapphires x100, Coins x214, Purple Tickets x5.
  • 2021: x2021 coins and coupons.
  • Archerhi: Gems x10, 5000 coins and a gold key.
  • HTOT: gems x100, coins x1031 and a gold key.
  • goodarcher: Gems x20, coins x5000 and a gold key.
  • archeroduo: gems x20, coins x2000 and a ring.
  • archerogo: Gems X20, Sapphires X20, an unspecified number of scrolls.
  • archerofun: X20 gems, X5000 coins and a gold key.
  • archerowin: Gems, coins x2000 and a shiny robe.
  • archero1: Gems x100, coins x2000 and an owl pet.
  • YOUTH: Gems x61, Coins x6100, Energy x10.
  • image: X2000 coins, 20 energy and a chest key.

How is an Archero code activated?

Activating a code is very easy, once you start the game enter the blue box below your avatar in the upper left corner of the screen.

Once you press that button, it will display a small menu with two options, settings and email. Enter settings and you will be able to view several options, one of them will clearly say “Enter the promo code.”

Enter the code and enjoy the benefits

Enter the option, enter the code and press «Claim»If the code is expired, it will tell you and if you will not be able to enjoy the prizes it gives you.

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