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This July 29 through twitter and the official account of Clash Mini, we were presented with a small clip about Archer. In it, the character is exposed as the perfect solution in the middle of the battle, due to its particular design. Goes straight to the point when attacking, being mini / small, but powerful.

Similarly, through the video on twitter, the followers of Clash Mini were able to appreciate the character’s abilities. In this, it is possible to see how despite being located at the other end of the board, it managed to attack its opponent in a timely manner, in addition to the level of damage it causes, which becomes significant.

In other installments of Clash, the level that Archer has had already been witnessed. Being notorious its attack speed and the impact it generates on its enemyAlthough it is not large, it is acceptable.

Usually a the Archers are described as strong support unitsIn particular, they are considered a good option to fight enemies that are in groups. Another important point mentioned throughout the post is that this character is designed in a special way to function on the battle boards.

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