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As you already know, Clash Quest is now available in some countries in beta version. In Spain, for now, we will have to keep waiting. But nevertheless, Supercell gave early access to youtuber Alvaro845 that, after having tried it for a few days, He took the opportunity to show some details of the game on his channel.

What Clash Quest details does Alvaro845 reveal?

According to the famous youtuber, Clash Quest is a much more fun game to play than to watch That makes us want its premiere in Spain even more! The strategies are essential to successfully manage the units and develop the most appropriate seems highly addictive. Although it may seem so at first glance, progressing in Clash Quest is not so easy, Álvaro himself admits that sometimes you get stuck and that it is difficult to know how to continue, this makes it a game at the height of Clash Royale or Clash of Clans.

Clash Quest Characters

Clash Quest Characters
Alvaro845 tests the new Clash Quest: this is the inside - Droidcops 5

The characters of Clash Quest are the classics. In Álvaro’s gameplays, we meet goblins, archers, giants, magicians … The challenge is to discover their new abilities!

As in all Clash games, with gold or gems you can improve the characters of your troops. What’s more, there are different equipments and weapons that you can acquire for each character and that give them specific abilities. The youtuber shows how equipping the magician with the robe of fire increases the lethality of his offensive, if he uses a robe of shield he gets less damage from the attacks.

New items and abilities

Clash Quest gameplay
Alvaro845 tests the new Clash Quest: this is the inside - Droidcops 6

When you manage to do combos with your units, you will access all new abilities that do not appear neither in Clash Royal, nor in Clash of Clans. For example, in a fragment of gameplay shown by Alvaro845 we see how at Make a 3+ Fire Robed Mage Combo, not only manages to launch a splash attack at the enemy, also set the units on fire that are around Completing the level with that attack!

Limited games

The only thing that seems not to convince Alvaro845 of the new Supercell game is that the number of battles you can do per day is limited. In total, you would have 12 available and there is a timer that marks the time left for you to access another. The truth is, watching Álvaro play … 12 games already seem few to us! Here is his video so you don’t miss any details:

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