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All the details of the Stage Channel of FullFrontage and the CM of Clash Mini – Droidcops

Last july 1 the famous youtuber FullFrontage was chatting with the Clash Mini Community Manager Through Discord, the Stage Channel took place at 3 in the morning (Spanish time), so it would be logical that some of you have missed them. Don’t worry! Luckily FullFrontage has uploaded the complete video to its YouTube channel (we leave it below in case you want to see it) and I have taken the opportunity to make you a summary with what has surprised me the most.Don’t miss it because they have revealed new secrets of Clash Mini!

What secrets of Clash Mini have they told?

When does Clash Mini come out in Spain?

Unfortunately we will have to keep waiting for the premiere of Clash Mini, if things continue as they are going to be almost impossible that we can access the game this month. Despite the quality of the gameplays that we have been able to see, live the Clash Mini Community Manager confessed that the game is still under development and that there is still a lot of work to be done and many details to be polished. So for the moment we will have to settle for the advances that they give us through their social networks and your YouTube channel.

Minis character skills

Clash Mini Character Skills
All the details of the Stage Channel of FullFrontage and the CM of Clash Mini - Droidcops 4

We already knew that the Clash Mini characters will not only come equipped with a new aesthetic, each mini will have different abilities. But there was something that was commented on a few minutes live that I personally found very interesting, we can choose with what skill we want fight in every round This is new!

Clash Mini game modes

They were also talking about the game modes that Clash Mini will have, so his CM said they are going to introduce a new mode that, without a doubt, will provide an extra fun. We knew from the beginning that there were going to be one-on-one battles, but now we have learned that too we can participate in a kind of tournaments by rounds open to a maximum of 8 players This idea promises!

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