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8 Ways to Screenshot on a Laptop | Droidcops

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For those of you who have often used laptops or computers, screenshots may not be new anymore. Screenshot or SS, done for various purposes.

Screenshots are images of screenshots that are used for various purposes. One of the most common needs is for example for presentation materials, or simply copying, and sharing them with others via social media or chat applications.

The screenshot feature already exists in the default operating system for laptops and PCs, but there are also various kinds of third-party laptop screen screenshot applications that can be downloaded for free or paid.

The problem is, not everyone knows how to take screenshots on laptops and computers, because it’s not as easy as doing it on a smartphone screen. Although it’s actually very easy to do, in fact there are still many who don’t know how to screenshot a laptop.

In this article, we describe various ways to take screenshots on laptops and PCs that are easy to do, and only take less than 5 minutes.

How to take screenshots on laptops and PCs

Every laptop with a Windows operating system, from Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, to Windows 10, has the same basic way of taking screenshots.

Even so, each Windows operating system also has other ways that are different, and cannot be done on different operating systems. Here’s how to screenshot on a Windows laptop.

1. Screenshot on Laptop with PrintScreen . Button

One of the easiest ways to screenshot on a laptop with 1 button is to press the PrintScreen (prt sc) button. For more details, here are the screenshot steps using one button. The first step is to prepare the screen display that will be screenshot.

How to Screenshot LaptopNext, press the button ‘Prt Sc’ on the keyboard. This button is usually at the very top of the laptop keyboard, and in most cases, it’s in the top right corner row.

How to Screenshot LaptopAfter that, open the app ‘Paint’ Windows default, then press menu ‘paste’ or press ‘ctrl+v’. You can also do this by right-clicking on the mouse or mouse pad and selecting paste.

How to Screenshot LaptopThe results of the screenshot of the laptop or computer screen will be immediately visible in the paint, then you can save it by selecting the menu File > Save As > JPEG. In addition to the JPEG format, you can also choose other image formats as needed, such as PNG.

How to Screenshot LaptopIn addition to using paint, you can also use other laptop screenshot applications such as Microsoft Word to view the screenshot results.

What must be noted from the ss method on this laptop, not all laptops can do the screenshot above. Because there are also those who have to combine the Prt Sc key with other keys.

2. Using Windows Key + Prt Sc

The screenshot method on this laptop can be applied starting from Windows XP, and even though it is no longer updated, this method can still be done on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, to Windows 10.

How to screenshot on a Windows laptop:

  • Press Windows Logo + Print Screen (Prt Sc) simultaneously on the computer keyboard.
  • After that the laptop or computer screen will flash briefly, this indicates that the screenshot process is complete.
  • Then the screenshot image will be saved automatically in the laptop picture folder to be exact C:Users[nama user]PicturesScreenshots.

3. Using Snip & Sketch

how to take a laptop screenshot

How to screenshot on a laptop using Snip & Sketch is quite easy. We just need to press the button Windows + Shift + S. Once done, a new window will appear, where the captured screen appears.

To take a screenshot on a computer, simply move the cursor with the symbol ‘+’ and place it on the part of the laptop or computer screen that you want to save. This method is similar to when we want to crop an image.

The recorded part of the screen will change color to light, and when finished, the screenshot will appear in the lower right corner of the laptop or computer screen.

Choose to view the screenshot on the clipboard, and edit the image by adding or subtracting certain sections. When finished, click the diskette icon to save the screenshot and choose a folder where to save it.

4. Using the Snipping Tool

On the Windows operating system, there is a default application called the Snipping Tool. This application is useful for taking screenshots on a computer and annotating them.

To use this application, you need to open it by calling via Cortana (Windows 10) or click Start and type ‘snipping tool’.

After the application opens, click new and immediately select the selected screenshot area. After that you can immediately save it or take a screenshot again if you are not satisfied.

This Snipping Tools feature was first introduced in Windows Vista and is the easiest way to ss on laptops and computers.

5. Using Windows Key + G

how to take a laptop screenshot

How to screenshot on a laptop can also be done through the game bar, by pressing the Windows key and ‘G’. After pressing the button, a game bar will appear, where you can select ‘Capture’ to capture the laptop screen.

Besides being able to take screenshots on laptops and computers, the game bar can also be used to record screens, and perform live streaming while playing games.

How to screenshot laptop and computer screens using this method is also quite easy. After you press the button Windows + G, a new window will appear. Select the camera icon to take a screenshot.

The screenshot results will appear in the window ‘Gallery’ and you can open it by clicking the button ‘Open File Location’ which is located in the lower right corner.

The interesting thing about this method, besides being able to take screenshots of laptop and computer screens, you can also share screenshots on Twitter, save them in the clipboard, and even create memes to download to the internet.

6. Using Alt + Prt Sc . Keys

This screenshot can be done on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. The method is almost the same as before. Where you simply press the . button alt + Prt Sc.

After that, open the Paint application or Microsoft Word to paste the screenshot that has been taken. In addition to different buttons, this screenshot method also has differences in the results.

The difference is seen in the screenshots, where only the active window will be captured. While the taskbar and others cannot be taken screenshots.

7. Using Windows Key + Volume Down

This method can only be done by Windows Surface users. The way to take screenshots on this device is very easy, because it is enough just to press the Windows button accompanied by the button Volume Down just.

To search for screenshots, we can find them in the screenshots folder, where the images will be saved automatically.

8. Using Third Party Tools

The last way to take screenshots on this laptop is also quite easy, namely by using screenshot tools or applications that are widely available on the internet, ranging from free to paid ones.

Some of our recommended tools include: Screenrec, Lightshot, Greenshot, and ShareX. Apart from these four tools, of course, there are many more that you can find. Just make sure it’s the one that best suits your needs.

Those are 8 ways to screenshot on laptops and PCs using various methods. All the laptop screenshots that we mentioned above are very common, but unfortunately there are still people who don’t know.

Hopefully this article is useful, yes. Now it’s up to you to choose which way to do it. Good luck!

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