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7 Advantages of XL Familiar Package, Affordable Family Quota Package | Droidcops

Photo: XL Axiata

Responding to consumer needs for large quotas that can be shared with all family members and relatives, XL launched Familiar Package which offers various advantages.

The XL Familiar Package is an internet data quota package that can be shared with all family members, and provides a personal quota bonus for each registered number.

In addition, this package also provides unlimited application quotas that can be used to access WhatsApp, Google Map, Zoom, Google Meet, Google Hangout, Google Classroom, and many others.

7 Advantages of XL’s Familiar Package

With all the advantages mentioned above, of course, the Familiar Package still has many other advantages.

Here are 7 advantages of the XL Familiar Package that can be used as the reason why buying this package is the best decision.

1. Big Quotas Can Be Shared

How to Activate XL Familiar Package on myXL AppPhoto: XL Axiata

The Akrab XL package offers a large quota of up to 160GB. Large quotas can be divided into XL numbers that are used by all family members. This package offers 5 tariff options with different quota amounts.

Choice XL Familiar Package the lowest provides a shared quota of 10GB that can be used by 2 family members or registered numbers.

This 10GB Familiar Package is offered at a rate of Rp. 62,000, but with the myXL promo, the price is only Rp. 55,000.

The other four options are the 25GB package for IDR 125,000 (myXL promo IDR 110,000) which is valid for 2 people, and the 45GB package for IDR 205,000 (myXL promo IDR 180,000) for 3 people.

Then there is the 80GB package for IDR 320,000 (myXL promo IDR 280,000) for 4 people, and the 160GB package for IDR 515,000 (myXL promo IDR 450,000) which can also be used by 4 people.

All options in the XL Familiar Package are valid for 30 days of usage.

2. Personal Quota Bonus for Every Number

How to Activate XL Familiar Package on the myXL AppPhoto: XL Axiata

XL users who choose the 10GB Familiar Package, will get a personal quota bonus of 1GB which will be given to each number registered in the package.

The personal quota bonus given to the other four packages is 1GB (25GB and 45GB packages), 2GB (80GB packages), and 10GB for the 160GB large quota package. This private quota applies nationally

However, that’s not all, the quota bonus that can be obtained from this XL Familiar Package, because there is still an additional local quota bonus, the amount of which depends on the location or city where the user is located.

For example, for the South Jakarta area, the additional local quota bonuses provided are 1GB (10GB package), 2GB (25GB package), 3GB (45GB and 80GB packages), and 4GB (160GB package).

3. Unlimited Application Quota

How to Activate XL Familiar Package on the myXL AppPhoto: XL Axiata

In addition to the two advantages above, the XL Familiar Package also offers unlimited application quotas that can be used directly to access various productive applications, without cutting the main quota.

During this Covid 19 pandemic, the presence of applications that can support work and learning interactions online is really needed, because carrying out activities through direct contact is very limited.

With the advantage of unlimited application quotas offered by the XL Familiar Package, users can access WhatsApp, Google Map, Zoom, Google Meet, Google Hangout, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft 365 without limits.

These productive applications are very useful and become popular applications used by students and students to carry out the online teaching and learning process.

In addition, several offices are still implementing a work from home (WFH) system for their employees, so the need for meeting applications and access levels is higher.

Unlimited application quotas that do not cut the main quota are provided by the XL Familiar Package to meet all these needs.

4. Free Calls and SMS to XL and Axis

How to Activate XL Familiar Package on the myXL AppPhoto: XL Axiata

In addition to the advantage of accessing unlimited productive applications, the Familiar Package also provides free call and SMS access to XL and Axis.

Access to free calls and SMS is provided to fellow users of XL and Axis numbers, with unlimited calling and sending SMS messages.

This advantage is certainly one of the important things during the Covid 19 pandemic, when almost everything in the aspect of studying, working and socializing, is done remotely.

Just like conducting online meetings, communication via telephone and SMS is also a way to reduce direct physical contact.

5. Easy Purchase and Activation of Familiar Packages

How to Activate XL Familiar Package on the myXL AppPhoto: XL Axiata

The process of purchasing and activating the familiar package can be done easily through the myXL application and e-commerce platforms such as Tokopedia.

To activate the Familiar Package via myXL app, users simply touch the ‘Buy Package’ option and enter the ‘Main Package’.

On that page, select the Familiar Package which is located at the top option, and the user will be taken to the quota package selection page, starting from 10GB, up to large quotas of up to 160GB.

Select one of the desired options and touch the ‘Choose’ button, then select the payment method and touch the ‘Activate’ button. The Familiar Package quota will be automatically filled for successful transactions.

For purchases through Tokopedia, users only need to select the Top-Up option on the menu and touch the ‘Data Package’ option.

After that, fill in the destination number and select the desired XL Familiar Package amount, then select the desired payment method, and touch the ‘Pay’ button. Easy, practical, and fast.

6. Sharing Quota with Easy Settings

How to Activate XL Familiar Package on myXL AppPhoto: XL Axiata

Users who purchase the XL Familiar Package, will be asked to fill in the destination number to which they will get access to the family internet package data quota.

After the destination number is sent, the large quota can be shared by family and relatives. The way to receive quota sharing is also quite easy.

Users can do this via the myXL application by selecting Package Familiar, then touch the ‘Add Member’ option, and look for the number that will get the quota sharing.

Choose through which method the invitation will be sent, and the recipient will receive a message via WhatsApp, SMS, or myXL application inbox.

7. Ease of Accepting Invitations

How to Activate XL Familiar Package on the myXL AppPhoto: XL Axiata

Recipients of the Familiar Package data quota will receive an invitation via WhatsApp, SMS or inbox on the myXL application. If the invitation is sent via SMS, the recipient simply replies with ‘Y’, and the number will be automatically registered.

Invitations sent via WhatsApp, simply accepted by clicking the link displayed in the WhatsApp chat message box.

If the invitation is sent through the myXL application, the recipient will receive a message with the option of a ‘Reject’ or ‘Accept’ button. If the invitation is accepted, the number will get access to the family internet package.

XL Familiar Package, Many Fortunately Affordable Prices

Those are the 7 advantages that make the XL Familiar Package a highly recommended family internet package. With a large quota that can be shared for families, the prices offered are relatively affordable.

All family and friends can enjoy large quotas of up to 160GB with personal quota bonuses, unlimited application quotas, and various other benefits.

How about it, ready to try and prove it yourself?

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