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5 Ways to Overcome Smartphone Heat Fast When Playing Heavy Games | Droidcops

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One of the things we love the most when we have a cellphone is the opportunity to play various games, including PUBG and others.

But sometimes there is one thing that we often take for granted, namely the cellphone gets hot quickly, this of course makes the comfort of playing games disrupted.

The heat of the cellphone when playing heavy games is a natural thing, although there are still reasons why this can happen. One of the causes of hot cellphones when playing games is because the hardware has to work hard to run the games you play.

How to Overcome a Hot Cellphone

When playing heavy games, the cellphone will work hard enough to process the game image display. As a result, battery consumption becomes faster and the temperature inside the cellphone increases quickly.

This is an internal factor that causes the cellphone to heat up quickly. In addition, there are several other factors, including external factors, that you need to pay attention to.

Apart from all that, there are several ways to overcome the heat quickly when playing games. The following methods have been tried and are indeed proven to reduce heat on the cellphone battery.

1. Remove the Case When Playing Games

No need to use a caseCasing is indeed a cellphone accessory that is useful for protecting the cellphone body so that it doesn’t get scratched or damaged quickly. However, in terms of heat, the casing can actually worsen the condition of the cellphone because the heat generated by the cellphone is absorbed and cannot be released.

For those of you who don’t know, every smartphone body is equipped with fine iron grains that function as conductors to release heat inside.

If the heat is not removed, it will settle and can make the phone overheat. So, when playing games, it’s better to remove your casing first.

2. Reduce Brightness Level

Reduce Brightness LevelUsing a cellphone with a high screen brightness setting can be one of the reasons that makes your smartphone heat up quickly. Therefore, if you want to play games, change the brightness level setting to a low level.

In addition to making the cellphone work lighter. Lowering the brightness level will also help maintain the health of your eyes so that they are not exposed to too much radiation caused by smartphone brightness. and make battery consumption more efficient.

3. Turn Volume Down

Turn Volume DownIt turns out that sound can also be one of the reasons why the cellphone gets hot quickly when used to play games. The reason is the same, because with a big sound, the performance of the cellphone will be heavier.

The solution, just use a small volume when playing games, or if necessary don’t turn on the volume. Indeed, lowering or turning off the sound when playing games makes the atmosphere less crowded, but you have to do it if you want your phone to avoid overheating.

You can change this volume setting in the game settings or you can change it directly from your smartphone’s volume buttons.

4. Close Other Apps in Background

Turn Off Other AppsIf you want to play a game that is quite heavy, we recommend that you close all applications that are running in the background before opening the game application.

The reason for doing this is because smartphones need RAM memory space which is quite relieved when running heavy games. So, your cellphone can process game graphics more smoothly without being burdened with other applications.

5. Play the Game Moderately

Play the Game Just EnoughThe latter may be a cliché, but it is very important indeed. We recommend that you play games on a smartphone in a not too long time, because this will make the smartphone heat up faster.

In addition, playing games in a not too long time also helps to maintain the condition of the runway so that it is always stable.

Play Heavy Games Without Worrying About Hot Phones

Those are tips for overcoming a hot cellphone when playing games that can be done. Although it can’t reduce the heat completely, it can at least make playing games more comfortable.

Moreover, how to deal with a hot cellphone above is quite easy and can be done quickly without having to spend extra energy.

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