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3 Secrets That Make the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Battery Last! | Droidcops

Photo: Samsung Indonesia

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 is a phablet smartphone that is good for playing games, and doing various other entertainment activities. Battery life data is crucial enough to support its performance, the longer it lasts, the better.

Armed with various features embedded in it, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 requires a capable battery performance. This phablet is equipped with a Li-Ion type battery with a large capacity, 4300 mAh.

The battery, which is equipped with fast charging technology, or fast charging of 25W, can last for about 11-12 hours on a single charge.

When compared to other Samsung devices that have the same battery capacity as the Samsung Galaxy Note10+, the Galaxy Note20 has a slightly longer battery life, thanks to the support of a more efficient processor.

Charging is also quite fast. It only takes about 70 minutes, to be able to fully charge the battery from 0 to 100 percent. With faster charging times, of course there will be more things that can be done with this phablet.

Here’s the secret that makes the Samsung Galaxy Note20 battery last a long time.

Adaptive Refresh Rate

samsung galaxy note 20 adaptive refresh ratePhoto: Samsung Indonesia

The main secret on the Samsung Galaxy Note20 is the dynamic adaptive screen. The screen on the Note20 series phablets can switch the refresh rate in the 10Hz to 120Hz range, depending on the content being displayed on the screen, without affecting color quality and brightness levels.

The use of different applications such as heavy gaming applications, playing social media, browsing, and enjoying streaming video shows can be done optimally thanks to the automatic refresh rate adjustment.

For example, when used to play games, the refresh rate on the Samsung Galaxy Note20 screen is generally in the 60Hz to 120Hz refresh rate range. The higher the graphics requirement of the game, the higher the refresh rate.

It’s different when users use the Galaxy Note20 to watch video shows. Usually, on a cinematic standard with 24fps, the refresh rate used is in the 20Hz – 24Hz range, and when used for reading ebooks, or browsing the internet, the refresh rate will drop to around 10Hz.

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 will use a large battery power when used for strenuous activities, but when the usage changes, the refresh rate also changes, which will make the battery power consumption also change, so that the lifespan is longer.

With an adaptive refresh rate that is able to adjust to the type of content displayed, the battery life on the Samsung Galaxy Note20 is durable. To enable adaptive features on the screen, can be done in the settings.

Fast and Efficient Processor

samsung galaxy note 20 processorPhoto: Samsung Indonesia

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 uses the Exynos 990 processor made by Samsung which is the 5th generation CPU with the highest computing power of all Exynos processors currently owned by Samsung.

The tri-cluster CPU performance it offers, can provide a performance increase of up to 20% over the previous Exynos generation. Combined with this processor with dual-core Cortex-A76 and quad-core Cortex-A55, the Exynos 990 can work optimally by using optimal battery power.

This power efficiency at work also allows for the efficient transfer of large data thanks to the LPDDR5 memory data rate of up to 5500 megabits per second, which provides more memory bandwidth.

By relying on the performance of the fast and efficient Exynos 990 processor, the power usage on the Samsung Galaxy Note20 is low, so battery life is longer.

Dark Mode Features

dark mode samsung galaxy note 20Photo: Samsung Indonesia

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 is equipped with a Dark Mode setting which in addition to functioning to keep the user’s eyes comfortable when using this phablet for a long time, also because this feature can save battery power.

With the Dark Mode feature, the power used in the battery will be more efficient, so that it will last longer. For example, when used to access the Youtube application, the Dark Mode feature can save up to 15-60 percent of the energy used by the screen (at 50-100 percent brightness settings).

Well, that’s the secret why the battery on the Samsung Galaxy Note20 can last a long time. With these advantages, this Samsung phablet is a reliable device to support work and entertainment activities, for all day use.

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