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3 Damage to the Washing Machine and How to Fix It

As an electronic device, washing machines also often experience problems. From mild to severe problems can occur in the washing machine. If the problem is still mild, you may still be able to fix it yourself.

However, if the problem is severe, for example on a motorbike, you should take it immediately to an official service center. Here are some problems that can be found in the washing machine.

Damage to the Washing Machine

how to fix a broken washing machine

Damage to the washing machine can be caused by many things, and damage usually occurs on several sides. Starting from the washing machine not spinning, the washing machine dryer not working, to the washing machine leaking.

For that, we will provide several ways to fix it along with the causes so that you understand more about the washing machine in your home.

1. Washing Machine Doesn’t Spin

broken washing machine

The problem of the washing machine not turning can be caused by a washing machine that is not receiving electrical power, a load imbalance or a faulty washing machine motor drive clutch.

If the cause of the washing machine does not spin is an unbalanced load, then you can reduce the clothes washed in the washing machine.

However, if the washing machine will not spin because it is unable to receive electrical power, check the washing machine in the following ways:

  • Check the washing machine cable that is connected to the mains, unplug the cable first
  • If any cables are broken or frayed, replace them immediately
  • Also check the socket. Use a tool to find out the presence of electric power
  • If the washing machine still does not spin, damage may occur to the drive motor or machine buttons, immediately contact the service department to have the washing machine repaired

2. Washing Machine Can’t Rinse Clean

broken washing machine

After rinsing the clothes in the washing machine, you may find detergent residue still on the clothes. This is usually because the machine is not able to rinse clothes properly.

This problem can occur because of the overload of clothes. However, this problem can also occur because the washing machine does not receive a good water supply.

Solve this problem with the following washing machine maintenance methods:

  • Check the water supply valve that can be connected to the clean water supply hose
  • If the hose is bent, straighten the hose so that the water can flow smoothly
  • Make sure the water drain hose is not clogged and is able to drain water until it is clean
  • Fill the machine with running water. If it is still clogged, try to replace a new hose or contact service immediately to solve this problem

3. Leaks in the Washing Machine

broken washing machine

The problem of washing machine leaks is quite common where while washing clothes, water drips from the washing machine. This can be overcome with the following steps:

  • Replace the filling or drain hose with a new one, attach it tightly
  • Pour cup of white vinegar in a liter of water and mix it into the laundry to reduce the foam residue that overflows and causes leaks
  • Check the seal on the engine bearing, and replace if necessary
  • To avoid problems that occur in the washing machine, you can use the right washing machine and carry out the maintenance needed by the washing machine.

How to prevent damage to the washing machine

broken washing machine

Preventing damage to the washing machine can also start from small things, such as using special detergents for washing machines. You should use the type of detergent that matches the type of washing machine.

The use of special detergents for washing machines is also one of the first steps to prevent the washing machine from being damaged and to maintain the durability of the washing machine.

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