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240Hz Gaming Monitor BenQ ZOWIE XL2546, PUBG Gamers Really! | Droidcops

BenQ Zowie is no longer foreign to the ears of esports gamers at home and abroad. FPS game activists have now looked at this monitor a lot for its various types. Introduced in 2008, BenQ itself actually only acquired the world’s best gaming brand as part of their product series.

Until now, there are 2 types of BenQ Zowie Series, namely Zowie RL and Zowie XL. The Zowie gaming monitor itself was born to overcome the slow response time restrictions that gamers often experience when playing using the Playstation, Xbox or PC consoles. So far, the assumption is that the use of a large screen PC monitor is the best because it certainly has a high fps.

However, it turns out, obstacles remain an obstacle, because the graphic display of a game is certainly different from the graphic display of a video and also a soap opera. The examiner remembered playing the Tekken and Mortal Combat games using an LED TV screen which resulted in red eyes and dizziness.

Unfriendly color calibration and sharpness gave testers a run for it. But after switching to a gaming monitor, playing becomes more relaxed and lasts longer. Especially at this time, every pair of eyes plays the PUBG game which is on the rise, even to the point that it has to be included in the PUBG fatwa agenda by the MUI because there are too many players.

Zowie himself is also a PUBG gaming monitor who has always been a loyal partner for every international level event until he is known as Zowie PUBG. Without further ado, Droidcops.co.id had the opportunity to test one of the best pubg gaming monitor products, namely the BenQ Zowie gaming monitor XL2546 24.5 inches.

What does it feel like, and what are the built-in features that can be taken advantage of in each game? Here are the results of a review of the latest BenQ esport monitor Zowie pubg gaming.


zowie monitor

Like other reviews, the testers started with the design of the BenQ Zowie XL2546 gaming monitor. As an esport gaming monitor, this BenQ has slightly different characteristics from other monitors.

Not much different from gaming monitors in general, but the dynamic curve that makes the difference. The curves on the sides of the screen make the light emitted by the screen not reflect too heavily into the eyes and don’t glow on the side of the monitor.

benq zowie xl2546

The support section does not have a lock control so that the monitor easily drops to the bottom or indeed the ergonomic design is provided in such a way that it makes it easier for gamers to change the monitor phase according to comfort with just 1 finger.

The ruler setting is on the side of the neck of the monitor support as a helper remembering the best position when using the monitor. Maybe you are like a tester who takes turns trying the comfort of a gaming monitor both at home and in the office so that everyone’s comfortable position is different from you.

The settings button is like a shortcut at the bottom of the monitor panel, this is because the operation is very different from other cheap gaming monitors and seems more tech.



The screen brightness level is just right, there is even an automatic adjustment for the brightness level and also the frame density according to the category. The settings category consists of standard, movie, game and several others. The BenQ gaming monitor XL2546 screen is specifically designed for pro gamers who need a fast and uninterrupted game rhythm.

This zowie monitor is designed for the latest types of games that are more dominated by real, complex, and fast-paced 3D graphics. Talking about flicker, there has been a claim from BenQ about their Zowie 240Hz Gaming Monitor (Indonesia) which is equipped with Flicker-free. In the calibration test session, the flicker felt quite smooth and almost didn’t even feel there.

The testers tried to watch movies from youtube by comparing them to other gaming monitors, the result was that the BenQ was much more comfortable, both in terms of color and brightness. The 24.5-inch screen has a Full HD resolution that is twice as good as a standard HD screen.

The BenQ XL2546 monitor is equipped with a super-fast Refresh Rate and Response Time, which makes high-speed scene image transitions appear smoother and blur-free.

switch s benq zowie

The BenQ XL2546 has an S-Switch Arc Remote Control button that makes it easy to adjust the display and select the picture setting mode manually. BenQ XL2546 is the perfect solution to deliver stunning action performance from your favorite games. For the testers, the status of the screen with the TN panel model that is owned is very safe with the eyes of the testers. Technically, the response time of up to 1ms(GtG) is very suitable for use in high-end esports gaming.

For just playing PUBG, the screen provided is able to display comfortable action even though everything returns to the type of VGA you are using. Incidentally, users are still using the Gigabyte RX540 4GB, which is still enough to play casual games and a proper FPS.


Benq Zowie Features

BenQ XL2546 monitor screen also comes with flexible screen settings features. The 20 Level Color Vibrance feature gives you the flexibility to choose the color settings according to your needs. Whatever type of game you play, you can choose the most appropriate color composition.

The screen display can also be re-adjusted with Display Mode and Smart Scaling. With this feature you can change the display screen to 17 Inch, 19 Inch, 19 Inch Wide, 21.5 Inch Wide, 22 Inch Wide, and 23 Inch Wide. The eQualizer feature can make dark images brighter. This feature is suitable for use when playing FPS, RPG, RTS, or any games that have a dominant dark visual.

Benq Zowie XL2546 . connectivity

Connectivity ports are available at the bottom as well as on the left side of the screen. As additional information, the higher the Refresh Rate, the smoother the movement of objects in the image will look. BenQ XL2546 has a Refresh Rate of 240Hz or two times higher than standard monitors which range from 120Hz or 144Hz Gaming Monitors (Indonesia).

Refresh Rate and Response Time are two things that are quite important to pay attention to on a Gaming Monitor besides screen size and resolution. Response Time itself is the monitor’s ability to respond to image signals from the PC to the monitor. The shorter Response Time keeps the image sharp and not blurry, especially when displaying fast-moving objects.

s switch arcThe S Switch Arc button is an external display setting button that can be used to change screen settings. Selectable screen settings can be adjusted whether for playing games, working, or enjoying multimedia entertainment. These round buttons make it easy for you to quickly adjust screen settings.

The Auto Mode button allows the Monitor screen to adjust screen settings depending on the type of Game or visual composition. You can also add up to three modes after the screen so you can use it when needed.

blue light zowie

BenQ Zowie XL2546 adopts the latest Low Blue Light technology which reduces the frequency of blue light from the screen. Blue light has a wavelength of 400-500nm or 3 times stronger than sunlight. Without Low Blue Light, your eyes will be easily exposed to blue light, causing damage to your eyes and getting dizzy.

Flicker Free technology eliminates flicker, color bias, and smoothes the appearance of moving image objects. Flicker-Free technology is also able to reduce eye fatigue due to staring at the monitor screen for too long. Unlike the LCD Monitor screen that produces Flicker 200 times / sec, BenQ Monitor does not produce Flick so it doesn’t tire your eyes quickly.

benq zowie settings

Convenience increases with the presence of left and right shields, so you can avoid the opponent’s cheating. Moreover, playing games like Fortnite and PUBG really need a strategy, don’t let your position be caught. The monitor can also be positioned up or down according to the user’s wishes.

The table can be shifted left or right


The performance generated during testing is the main benchmark for testers, especially regarding taste. The taste of its use and the difference between gaming monitors and other LCD monitors. The testers simply recommend for you gaming fans, both beginners and veterans to try this gaming monitor.

For specific pricing matters, you can directly visit the BenQ Store, or follow Droidcops.co.id’s guide. You can choose your own criteria for each product that you wish to have. In BenQ Store You can also find BenQ Gear or Zowie Gear to enhance your gaming skills.

Excess Lack
Flicker free Weight monitor
Low Blue Light The display of the power button is less than fierce
S Switch Arc

Other BenQ Zowie Monitors

In addition to the BenQ Zowie XL2546 type, you can also choose other gaming monitors from the BenQ Zowie series. Here is a list of other BenQ Zowie monitors:

The table can be shifted left or right

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