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In addition to means of transportation, cars are valuable assets and have a high value. Therefore, car owners must protect these valuable assets by purchasing a vehicle insurance policy that will cover various risks that may occur to their car at any time.

So how to choose the best car insurance for you. Here Droidcops provides some tips for choosing the right car insurance.

Tips for Choosing Car Insurance

Tips for choosing car insurancePhoto: Pixabay

Even though you are already quite familiar with the use of insurance services, you must choose and use a trusted insurance service.

Moreover, currently there are many insurance companies that offer car insurance products on the market. Almost every insurance company from small to large scale all have this product.

1. Customize Needs

First of all, you must see and know about the condition of your vehicle such as the condition of the engine, body, age and various other things. By knowing the condition of the vehicle, you can choose the most appropriate type of vehicle insurance for your vehicle.

There are two types of car insurance, namely All Risk Insurance or Comprehensive Insurance and Total Loss Only Insurance (TLO). All Risk Insurance will cover almost all risks that will occur to your car, such as small to large accidents.

Meanwhile, Total Loss Only (TLO) Insurance guarantees vehicle damage that occurs above 75 percent so that accidents or minor car damage will not be covered by it.

2. Know the Advantages

Each car insurance company will definitely provide different benefits and advantages, depending on the type and features of the service you need.

Therefore, you must know the various benefits and protections that will be provided by vehicle insurance so that you will not experience losses in the future.

3. Make a Comparison

You should compare various car insurance products, because knowing one product will not be effective. Therefore, you must compare the same product from different insurance companies.

The comparison can be done by visiting the insurance company directly, or by visiting their official website via the Internet.

4. Choose the Most Appropriate Product

Don’t make a hasty decision, because it’s important for you to find the best and most appropriate insurance product for your vehicle. Some insurances may look the same, but after searching for various detailed information, you can make choices and find the one that is most appropriate for you.

5. Payability

There’s nothing wrong with always remembering the saying, there is money there is goods. It is very likely that how much budget you spend, that will measure your satisfaction in the future.

Of course, the amount of premium you pay will affect the benefits and protection you will get. However, you must consider the financial capabilities you have.

Don’t force yourself to take a number of premiums that are relatively large but are beyond your financial reach.

6. Dealer Recommendation

If you want to buy an insurance product when you are applying for car ownership, you can consider the recommendations given by the dealer.

Usually, the dealer will recommend a good and trustworthy insurance company. Of course, the recommendation from the dealer is not a fixed price that you should follow.

7. Company Credibility

Make sure you use insurance services from companies that have good credibility and can be trusted. Consider their reputation in the wider community.

8. Customer Complaint Ratio

In addition, you can hear all the information about their customer complaint ratio. You can find information online by looking at the insurance company’s official website and researching various online forums about trusted vehicle insurance.

You have to pay attention to how high the level of resolution of customer complaints they do, the higher the level of resolution, the better for you to choose them.

9. Company Partner Workshop

You can take into account partner workshops owned by car insurance companies. We recommend that you choose a car insurance company that has many trusted partner repair shops and will make it easier for you to make repairs.

In addition, choose a car insurance company that has a partner repair shop that is close to your home or office. So, you will not need time to go to the workshop.

10. Enterprise Service Features

You can choose a car insurance company that has a variety of supporting and complete features. It will make you comfortable and calm when your car has an accident.

Choose an insurance company that has a full 24-hour call center service and is fast in responding to client reports, has ambulance and tow truck facilities if needed at any time.

It would be nice, your insurance company has a replacement car facility when your car is in the repair shop and under repair.

All of these features will make you more comfortable and not experience any difficulties in applying for repairs after an accident on your vehicle.

11. Claim Procedure

Of course, a good insurance company will handle customer claims quickly. Do not choose a car insurance company that is slow in the claim process because the car insurance company will make you lose and experience a number of problems after an accident and also damage to your car.

The trick, you can find out and see how many claims are received by the insurance company through Internet services on forums or websites.

Don’t Choose the Wrong Car Insurance

how to choose car insurancePhoto: Pexels

You can use some of the tips above as consideration in choosing the right car insurance company.

Do not choose an insurance company just because it has a big name while its performance and service to customers is very bad and slow.

Don’t forget, adjust to your financial ability and force to buy a policy that is beyond your financial reach because there are many insurance companies that you can consider.

Hopefully this article can help, and don’t forget, choose the right car insurance and in accordance with the financial condition you have.

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