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10 Lightest Android Emulator for PC and Laptop | Droidcops

If you want to experience Android applications on a PC, of ​​course you need a special software called an emulator, and currently there are quite a lot of Android emulator options that you can use. But the most sought after is a lightweight Android emulator with the best performance.

The Lightest Android Emulator

An Android emulator is a piece of software that allows us to run Android applications on a PC or laptop. One of them is being able to play Android games online on a PC or laptop.

The advantage is, we can enjoy the games on Android from a bigger screen. In addition to games, we can also simulate phone calls, text messages, and access the Google Play Store.

Not only that, this Android emulator is also used by developers. It has even become a mandatory tool for developers who want to create Android applications. Because the function of this emulator is also to test Android applications that they have made.

Of the many choices, finding a lightweight Android emulator is not easy. But don’t worry, because we recommend a list of the best and lightest Android emulators in this article.

1. Bluestacks


I have to admit, Bluestacks is a very popular lightweight Android emulator. This application is most widely used because of its appearance, convenience and stability when running various Android applications on a PC.

Currently there is the latest version of Bluestacks, namely Bluestacks 4. Interestingly, this emulator is available for free and can be downloaded through the official website.

However, this emulator has a few weaknesses in the installation and uninstall process. Download Bluestacks Android emulator here.

2. YouWave


YouWave actually first emerged from Bluestacks and was already popular. This Android emulator looks friendly, easy to install and also very comfortable to use.

But the drawback of YouWave is that it is a paid application and does not support COC games which are popular applications on Android.

In addition, YouWave Android is also still equivalent to Android ICS so it can be considered old school. If you are curious about YouWave, please download here.

3. Android SDK

android sdk

The Android emulator from the Android SDK is also quite popular, especially for those who like to code Java Android. This emulator is most widely used to run beta or trial versions of an Android application that is being made

For those of you who don’t understand coding, avoid downloading the Android SDK, but if you’re curious, please feel free download here.

4. Windroy


This emulator named Windroy is in the same class as Bluestacks with an attractive appearance and easy to run. Windroy can also run COC games, and almost all Android applications.

The weakness of this application is that the official website is in Chinese, so it must be translated first with Google Translate. Curious? This download link.

5. Andy Android Emulator

andy android emulator

Andy Android Emulator is an emulator that is new and still uses the KitKat version of Android. Andy’s appearance is very interesting because it is similar to ordinary Android.

But to run Andy, you have to prepare a PC with 3GB RAM and a processor that supports virtualization, namely on AMD with AMD-VT code and on Intel with Intel VT-x code.

If your processor does not have this code, then avoid downloading Andy. In addition, Andy only supports Win 7, Win 8 and is downloaded with the online installer. If you’re curious, here download link.

6. Android X86

android x86

Intrigued by an emulator that is similar to the code on this 32bit PC? Android x86 is an Android OS that has been modified to run on computers with x86-based processors.

So you could say Android x86 is pure Android and not an emulator. This application is quite attractive and responsive. Curious? Please download here.

7. Genymotion


GenyMotion is claimed to be the best alternative to BlueStacks. This emulator is equipped with OpenGL features and is more responsive than BlueStacks.

There are two versions of GenyMotion, namely a free version with limited features and a paid version with unlimited features. To download it check here.

8. Droid4X


Droid4X is one of the new emulators trying to compete with BlueStacks. This emulator is also interesting and easy to use because it is easy to install, there is already a Google PlayStore, and also a drag & drop feature to install APKs.

This emulator also supports keyboard. Curious? Suck here.

9. DuOS-M


DuOS-M is also a new player in the emulator world. This application is quite different from other emulators because it offers Full Android features on your PC.

So you seem to be using a smartphone with a large screen, even though you are in front of a PC.

DuOS-M also supports touch screens and also Pinch to Zoom, so when you install it on a laptop with a touch screen, it’s as if your laptop turns into a smartphone.

So imagine you play COC with DuOS-M emulator, great right? Unfortunately DuOS-M is not completely free.

You only get 30 days of free use of this emulator, after which you have to pay $9.99 for a lifetime. It’s quite cheap, please download here.

10. MEmu Emulator

Memmu emulator

MEmu is an emulator of the Bamboo Curtain country. Even though it is still relatively new, MEmu is getting attention quickly because it can be installed on devices with minimal specifications such as PCs, notebooks to tablets.

Unfortunately the Android used is still Jelly Bean. But this is precisely the advantage because the emulator is very stable. Curious? Please download.

How to Run Android Apps with Emulator

android emulatorPhoto: developer.android.com

There are many emulators that can be used to run Android applications. However, the overall process of running this application is relatively the same from one another. Here’s how:

  1. Download the Android emulator, the Android emulator application can be selected as desired.
  2. After the download is complete, open the download and install or click run.
  3. Select the virtual devices that will be used in the emulator then click ok.
  4. Test your Android app on the emulator.
  5. If it is successful, please run.

How to Run Android Apps Without Emulator

android emulatorPhoto: ubuntuportal.com

Currently you can indeed run Android applications on a PC or laptop with Bluestack software or other Android emulators. However, many consider that the installation process is very complicated and difficult.

However, don’t worry, now you can run Android applications on a PC without having to use an emulator. How to? Here is the process:

  1. Make sure you are using the latest version of the Google Chrome browser. If you haven’t used it yet, please download and install Chrome first.
  2. Install ads on arc welder in google chrome by clicking add to chrome or add to google chrome.
  3. When finished, you will see the app launcher icon on the computer desktop.
  4. Click the chrome launcher app icon to open it and bring up some apps.
  5. Select it and click on the arc welder to open it. Then click add your apk then select the apk file that has been downloaded at apkpure.com then click open.
  6. After that a new window will open like a different one from the desktop PC computer display and please click the launch app at the bottom.
  7. Android applications can now be run on a PC or laptop.

Emulators allow us to run Android on PCs that have different operating systems. If you want to experience playing Android games on a PC, download the emulator and activate it on your PC.

Experience a different Android right there using our selection of the lightest and best Android emulators above.

Also check out the video about the Android emulator on the Facebook Youtube channel below:

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